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Top Lines They Are A-Changin’ #3 - Companies Are Sayin’ More About Topic 606

Long weekends are made for accounting research. Especially when the topic is new revenue recognition rules.

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Game of Tax Reform #6: Breaker of Chains - Deemed Repatriation Tax

Our updated Earnings Parked Overseas Tearsheet makes the ideal stocking stuffer.

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Game of Tax Reform #5: Tax Rate Estimator 2.0

The Estimator. I'll be back.

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Game of Tax Reform #4: Dance of Dragons – Estimating Effective Tax Rates

Tax reform trick or treat? Check out our Tax Rate Estimator for the answer.

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Game of Tax Reform: The Gift - Repatriation Tax Holiday or Tax Hit?

4 steps to judge potential tax break on $2.8 trillion in EPO, changes in behavior are key

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Top Lines They Are A-Changin' - What Companies are Sayin’ About Topic 606

What's changin'? The weather, taxes (debatable), the iPhone, the Trump Administration and Taylor Swift. Oh, and your company's top line.


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Game of Tax Reform - The Old Tax Rates, Waiting on the New

I don’t know where tax rates are goin’, but I sure know where they’ve been (go ahead sing along)

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"Cash" Parked "Overseas" - Separating Fact from Fiction

​Is there really $2.5 trillion in "cash" parked "overseas"? And what is "covfefe"?

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10-K Checklist - Reading a 10-K, It's Like There's a Party in My Brain

Don't speak accounting? Find out some tricks of the trade, red flags and questions to ask.

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